How To Market Your Brand In The South Asian Community


How to Market your brand in the south Asian Community:

Successful marketing has many benefits to you and your company. It brings in valued customers, profit and revenue. In order for a product to sustain profitability you must understand how to use marketing techniques to draw in customers:

IDEA: Be innovative and unique in coming up with a logo or a name that stands apart from your competitors

  • Identify your target market, then do research and study customer buying behavior in order to come up with a method on how you want to sell your brand, specifically aiming at your customers

PROMOTIONS: Have experts Test and Promote your product

  • Choose a few recognized professionals whom are well trusted within the GTA. Then, have them test the product and promote good review through various social media as well as popular radio station and TV channels.
  • Make sure to promote key features of the product or service and how it will be beneficial to your valued customers

VALUE: Ensure product liability and build Trust

  • As a corporation make sure you ensure that the product/service has no side effects and you hold responsibility for any matters regarding it.
  • This will initiate a trusting foundation between you and your customer.

PRODUCT & SERVICES: Product quality VS Pricing

  • To ensure that your customers are choosing you over competitors you must accommodate at least one of these three factors: the quality is excellent so the price is expensive; the price is affordable so the quality is compromised, or your product/service provides a unique feature that no other company can provide.

Customer Relation:  Accessibility for customers and Long-term relationship through excellent customer service

  • Locate your corporation based on accessibility for customers.
  • Study environment for potential competitors and have a contingency plan that will protect your company and ensure no loss of customers.
  • Customers are more likely to come back if they like their purchase but most importantly if they like their experience during their visit.
  • Ensure the customer’s needs are met and make sure they feel at ease and comfortable.



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