Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill


Elon Musk started with a big dream and was ready to make it a reality. So, he took the fortune he made in being the cofounder of paypal and put it all on the line to follow his desire. His three big ideas were; Space X, Solar city and Tesla. He wanted to reduce global warming by creating sustainable energy and reduce the risk of human extinction by setting up a human colony on mars, making life “multiplanetar”. These ideas may have seemed impossible to many, but Musk believed in his dream and wanted to change the world. So, he made it happen. How? What did Elon Musk have that allowed him to be successful, what did he do different? He had no limits. Many of us allow personal circumstances to limit the creative mind from dreaming big while the successful ones like Elon have no boundaries, they imagine a limitless world full of opportunities and seize it. If you want to reveal the power of thought, and experience abundance of success, “Think and Grow Rich” is the perfect book to guide you.

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich reveals 13 steps to the Riches derived from his principle of “thoughts are powerful”.  Every dream starts with a desire, a persistent desire that becomes the dominating obsession of your life. Once the desire becomes definite, you will recognize opportunity that will translate desire into reality. As you read the stories of successful people that achieved the impossible,  you will learn that Riches begins with a state of mind, having a definite purpose that will allow you to use all your energy and willpower towards achieving that specific goal. Thus, you must be success conscious and not let temporary defeat affect your focus.

Autosuggestion is one of the key principles in steps to riches; this step will help understand the power of controlling your subconscious mind. The repetitive act of feeding constructive emotions to your mind will influence positive energy, develop faith and access the pool of infinite intelligence, and will translate into physical equivalence. For those that have self-doubt or constantly afraid of failing, Hill teaches you how destructive motions can truly hold you back from your full potential. Fear is your greatest weakness; do not let it cloud your dreams.

Hill’s steps to riches are simple ideas that compel you to be self critical and analyze your habits and behavior. The power of Master Mind, teaches you to surround yourself with the best and to seek for knowledge that will guide you closer to your dream. The common man takes advice and input from everyone around them. The successful one chooses the right kind of people to surround themselves with and uses the positive energy and minds to be influenced, but also believe in their own ability to achieve their dream. Napoleon Hill’s steps to riches are attainable through disciplinary repetitive actions and unyielding obsessive desires. The mind is a powerful tool, Hill says “It is the connecting link between finite and infinite intelligence.”

The very last one focuses on your intuition or “The Sixth Sense”. When you have successfully mastered the preceding 12 steps you will encompass infinite intelligence through your sixth sense without any effort or demand.

The fundamental idea is to always grow the mind and once you have reached the level of intuition, you will instinctively react from your pool of infinite intelligence because you have trained and practiced the right kind of mindset in the 12 steps of Master Mind. You will be able to to shift your finite mind to naturally produce from your creative thoughts. This book will only work for those willing to be open to a new way of thinking, and practice an open mindset. Only by doing this you can really see the infinite possibilities out there. Start imagining yourself in full control of your dream because only when you fill your brain with positive thoughts you will develop success driven ideas.

Remember, if Elon Musk had even the slightest doubt in his dream he would not be as successful as he is today. What may have seemed impossible to others was possible to him. Think and Grow Rich will teach you to be the leader of your own dreams and believe in the power of thought.