What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

What I know for Sure
Life’s Journey begins with a choice to live life fully.

Each person lives their own journey through life differently. But everyone has a choice, the choice to step in or sit out. The choice of making each challenge a learning experience of discovering your strength, weakness and knowing how to stay balanced in any situation. Or you have the choice to sit out, and live life wondering what if I dared, what if I resisted my fears.

Oprah Winfrey’s book What I know For Sure is an inspiring book full of insightful reflection on moments in her life that brought self-discovery and growth in becoming the person she is today. She talks about the bad, the ugly and the good of growing up in Mississippi, United States, a small town with very limited opportunities but that did not stop her from chasing her dreams. And today, having achieved great success, a multimillionaire with her own television channel, Oprah has discovered that the secret to discovering happiness and success starts from self-discovery.

Life’s journey is full of surprises, being alive and existent means you will be thrown into unexpected challenges and it is up to you to decide, are you going to be phased or fearless. But also, being alive means fully experiencing the wonders of life; joy, gratitude, compassion in everything you do. Oprah’s self-discovery began with having appreciation for the simple moments life has to offer, for instance, sitting alone in utter silence and listening to your own thoughts, reading a book by the campfire and watching the flames spark, or simply having time to converse with a friend about nothing important. When you develop a gracious attitude towards time, it will then reflect in the energy you exert in your day to day tasks and that energy will then reciprocate and fill your surroundings with positivity. However, to fully experience the reciprocity of this energy you must completely release your emotions, allow yourself to feel and immerse in the moment. Often, when we are competing with others we lose sight of what success and happiness really means; it is not an end goal. To be happy and attain success you must slow down, reflect and connect with your intuition to find the best version of yourself. Oprah teaches you that success comes from accepting that life is a journey through which you will have moments of hardship and joy. Each experience will bring you closer to discovering your inner-self through which you will achieve peace and sustained happiness.

This book is about self-revelation. To pause, reflect and recognize how you react to challenges to discover the answer to “what do you know for sure?” The answer to that will help you find yourself, and understand your purpose. We are often clouding our thoughts with regret or fear from past experiences which we refuse to speak about and therefore it desensitizes us from living in the present. When we release those emotions and come to terms with our past we can then move forward and take control. Then, the answer we are searching for comes into focus, as Oprah says “our deepest struggle can produce the greatest strength”.

Oprah reveals one of the most vulnerable moments in her life; during the time of an unhealthy relationship. She was reliant on her partner to feel valued and respected. She never got it. This relationship taught her to never hold anyone accountable for your happiness, do not let someone else in control of what you deserve. Relationships are supposed to help you grow and build you up and if that is not happening then you must understand your self-worth and walk away. So, she did.

Another challenge in Oprah’s life that taught her an important life lesson was leaving her hometown Mississippi to chase her dreams in the big city, Chicago. Oprah was sure of what she wanted and she dared to conquer her fears and step into the big city of Chicago. If she stayed in her small town where she was safe she would not have accomplished such great heights. She learned that in order to move forward, you must let go of your fear, be courageous and resilient and that will direct you to move in the direction of your goal, and remember, never give up.
Defeat is temporary and it only makes you stronger and better prepared for what is next. This she knows for sure. And to test it, she says “When you really know something, it tends to stand the test of time” – Oprah Winfrey

What I know for sure is a book on Oprah’s journey thus far, her journey continues to be filled with challenges, all of which contribute to her success and to the woman she is today. One very important lesson she learned throughout her journey was to understand the difference between pride and ego. Once you let go of ego and allow yourself to reflect on your actions, every drawback will be a valuable teacher in helping you become the best version of yourself. Self-acceptance through self-growth is the secret to attaining sustained happiness and success throughout the journey of life.