How To Develop A Positive Morning Routine


How to develop a positive Morning Routine

A positive morning routine inspires and motivates you to being your day with purpose, set goals and push yourself to work hard. Also it assists in maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Morning Person: Wake up early to let you ease into the day without being stressed

  • Waking up early gives you time to plan out your day, make changes, if any and ease into your morning routine feeling relaxed.

Goals: Write down a TO do list for the rest for the day to make sure you are being productive and meet your deadlines

  • This will help you evaluate your work ethics, and visually see how much work you are actually getting done. It helps you switch up your routine and make changes in order to be more product and meet your goals

Health: Find at least 15 minutes to be physically active and stretch to relax your body and mind, This will to prepare you to work at your best for the day ahead

  • You can do yoga, stretches, full body workout or even jog around the neighborhood for couple minutes. It will help you with relaxing your mind, taking off stress and focusing on delivering the best

Lifestyle change:  Drink lots of water and eat a healthy breakfast, this will get your mind fueled for the day and work at its best

  • Fueling your brain with healthy whole foods and lots of water will energy your brain and body to work at its best and not feel tired or lazy throughout the day.
  • It will also get you in the habit of eating better and having a balanced diet. This avoids any long-term health concerns.

Dress up: Shower and dress up in what makes you feel good, look good and be comfortable

  • Dressing up is important for yourself, yes it sounds a little clich√©, but when you dress up and feel good you deliver work well and are more engaged in being where you are instead of thinking of when you will get home
  • Also, it shows that you put effort in being there and want to be there